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    Creating Trendline graph in OBIEE 11g

    Siva Prasad G N

      Hi all,

      I have 6 columns

      1. Curve X

      2. Curve Y

      3. Curve Y2

      4. Curve Y3

      5. Curve Y4

      6. Curve Y5

      I need to create a trend line where Curve Y should plot as a line based on Curve X and remaining Curve Y2....Y5 column values should plot as a scatter points based on Curve X.


      I tried with Scatter points where I couldn't able to plot the Curve Y as a line graph.

      Then I tried with Line graph, where except Curve Y I made all other line as white and symbol as round.

      I can see the output which is similar to the requirement but the lines which made as white color shows some shadows which I couldnt able to remove.


      Is there any solution to plot this data as line and scatter??

      or is there any solution to remove this shadow from this chart alone

      Note : I cant use <Graph visualEffects="NONE"> because it is affecting other graphs also.

      Then how to change the size of symbols which I plot in line graph? In which .css file I need to change the size of the symbols?


      Any help or suggestions is much appreciated.

      Siva Prasad