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    DAC 11g import containers giving " MESSAGE:::ORA-00001: unique constraint (DACREP.W_ETL_STEP_U1) violated"


      Hell gurus,


      I am facing issue while importing containers in DAC 11g.


      ERROR: "MESSAGE:::ORA-00001: unique constraint (DACREP.W_ETL_STEP_U1) violated"


      I will explain the scenario here.


      We have 3 containers in DEV DAC.


      1) ContainerAB ( this is parent container which consists of Type A and B objects)

      2) ContainerA   ( referenced container consisting of container A objects)

      3) ContainerB   ( referenced container consisting of container B objects)


      In the first phase, we have no issue while migrating to SIT environment. It was successful.


      But after few months, as part of the Phase 2 development, we have added some more tasks,subject areas and execution plans in DEV. We want to migrate it to SIT now in to the above same containers. But while importing,

      "MESSAGE:::ORA-00001: unique constraint (DACREP.W_ETL_STEP_U1) violated" this error is coming up in the log file.


      We have followed the below approaches.


      Option 1) Exported only above containers from DEV, and imported in SIT.

      Option 2) Deleted the above containers from SIT, and imported the the same containers from DEV.


      I can't migrate the whole DEV environment to SIT. Because so many test containers, tasks,subject areas and couple of test execution plans were developed. I can't cleanup now.


      Please suggest some solution.