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      Can some one please explain the RFQ control setups.

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          • Restrict to invited suppliers You can allow all suppliers to respond to the negotiation or you can specify that participation is by invitation only.

          • Allow supplier to see other suppliers' contract terms, notes and attachments You can specify that suppliers in the negotiation will be allowed to see any notes and attachments included with other suppliers' quotes or bids, or you can restrict suppliers from seeing other suppliers' notes and attachments .

          • Allow supplier to select lines on which to respond You can allow participants to respond to individual lines(s) in the negotiation, or specify that they must respond to all lines in the negotiation .

          • Require full quantity You can specify that participants must submit responses for the full quantity specified in the line. Alternatively, participants can submit responses for partial quantities. If you have weighted and scored the quantity attribute, you must set this to No .

          • Allow multiple responses You can specify that respondents must submit a single, best response in the negotiation, or may submit multiple responses during the negotiation open period.

          • Allow multiple rounds of negotiation You can specify that the negotiation can continue into additional rounds after the close date, or you can specify that the negotiation will not be allowed to continue into additional rounds past the close date .

          • Allow manual close before the Close Date You can choose to allow the negotiation to be closed before the close date. Otherwise, the negotiation cannot be closed until the close date and time specified above .

          • Allow manual extend when the negotiation is open You can choose to allow a negotiation to be extended. When a negotiation is extended, you enter a new close date and time.


          Hope this helps