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    get_attribute procedure


      Hi All, 

           In my application I have already used dbms_scheduler.set_attribute procedure. Now am trying to implement get_attribute procedure. But am facing a lot of issues in it.


      My procedure is,


      CREATE OR REPLACE procedure dna_get_attribute ( v_owner in varchar2 , v_objname in varchar2, v_attr in varchar2 , v_value in varchar2)

      obj_name varchar2(100);
      obj_name := v_owner || '.' || v_objname;
         name           =>   obj_name,
         attribute      =>   v_attr,
         value          =>   v_value);

      END dna_get_attribute;


      Its throwing an error of SQL statement ignored.


      I dono where am going wrong. Here name , attribute are input values and value is the output value which I needed finally.


      owner -> owner of the job/chain

      v_objname  -> job, chain etc

      v_attr -> comments, job_type, etc


      Pls help me out.


      Thanks in advance