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    JMS transport issue with SOA Suite upgrade


      We have several asynchronous web services which are running using JMS transport.

      Currently we have integration with SOA Suite 10g using Advanced Queue. The requirement is to modify specific processes for running with SOA Suite 11g (also Advanced Queue) and remaining must be still integrated with SOA Suite 10g.

      So Siebel must be working with both 10g and 11g.

      Connection credentials defined in jndi.properties under /SIEBEL/JMS/. Theoretically we must:

           -Create another one jndi.properties

           -Create another one JAVA JVMSubSys, so we have JAVA1 and JAVA2 with different Classpath and pointing to different jndi.properties.

           -Under "Profile Configuration" set parameter "JVM Subsystem name" to JAVA1 or JAVA2 according to required target system.



      The questions:
      Will such solution work without problems?
      Is it possible to point to jndi.properties from configuration of JAVA SubSystem?
      Is there are any alternative solution?


      Document EAI JMS Transport: Multiple JMS Subssystems (Doc ID 529013.1) says that it's not possible, however it's not clear whether it's not possible also in case 1 specific process will call always one JVMSubsys.