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    Apex Listener 2.0 and synonym problem


      There is a problem in the Apex listener (2.0) where a connection to a shadow schema (one with synonyms and grants to objects owned by another schema) is not displaying results. The schema that we are connecting to is a shadow schema that has EXECUTE on a PL/SQL procedure and a synonym to the procedure that is owned by a different schema.


      For example, the shadow schema is named CDOSELECT. The schema that owns the procedure is CSDAPPS. We have a synonym in CDOSELECT to the procedure in CSDAPPS with EXECUTE. When we run http://nes.dev.ncdc.noaa.gov/cdoselect/testme and call the procedure by the synonym, it fails with a 404. When we run http://nes.dev.ncdc.noaa.gov/cdoselect/csdapps.testme and call the procedure directly, it works.


      We have determined that a PUBLIC synonym to the testme procedure works  to display the results.  It appears to be a problem in calling a procedure from apex listener connection to a shadow schema that contains a private synonym to a procedure owned by another schema.

      Any potential fix for this?  We don't want to have PUBLIC synonyms for every package/procedure in our shadow schema.

      Dee Dee