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    Removing the Java Deployment Toolkit?




      I was wondering if it is possible to remove the Deployment ToolKit .dll from the machine or disable it in browser within an infrastructure?  I wanted to see if there are any other functionality that could be impacted I remove the deployJava1.dll from my machine or disable it in browser?


      The link below shows the following information regarding blocking or removing.


      What is the Java Deployment Toolkit?


      What happens if the Java Deployment Toolkit plug-in is blocked?

      By blocking the Java DT plug-in, the Java version detection mechanism is disabled. Therefore, when a user tries to launch a Java applet or application, that requires a specific Java version other than the active Java version on a user’s system, it will fail.

      Does this mean the application will break?  Or just that the detection mechanism will be broken for  the application version check and the app will still run?  I would like to remove these bits to ensure no version checking is done on my systems.