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    Error handling applying GG transacctions

    Arturo Gutierrez
      By making a comparison, when a transaction with Oracle Streams is applied at the target, if there is an error, such as a tablespace is filled or some other error condition.
      This transaction is stored in the error queue, the  DBA must monitor, evaluate and resolve to re-apply the erroneous transaction. This is a manual job in general.
      While the error is fixed other transactions that do not depend on the failed transaction are applied.
      I would like to know how this management is done with GG.

      Many thanks


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          Partha Sarathy S

          Using  Checkpoints and CSN(commit sequence number). Whenever a transaction happens and is committed, a SCN is generated in Oracle Database. When a committed transaction is extracted by GoldenGate, it marks a checkpoint to make sure till what transaction it has fetched and CSN is generated in GoldenGate side. So whenever any error occurs, and it is fixed, it will start applying the changes using the checkpoint and CSN

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