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    Popup windows appear behind Viewer window (AutoVue 20.2)



      Following is our scenario:
      1. View any file in Viewer Window.
      2. Click on ‘New Markup’ button.
      3. Open any other window from same application.
      Newly open window appear behind Viewer window.

      We used AutoVue ActiveX Desktop Deployment API to view the file in AutoVue (Used Delphi 5 for same).

      Code snippet:

          AutoVueXDesktop := TJVueAXControl.Create(PageControl1.Pages[1]);

          AutoVueXDesktop.Visible := True;

          AutoVueXDesktop.Parent := PageControl1.Pages[1];

          AutoVueXDesktop.Align := alClient;


          AutoVueXDesktop.OndoneInit :=  AutoVueXInitDone;



      Following is the code to Open new window:

        tTestForm := TfrmTest.Create(nil);


      If we skip the second step, newly opened window appeared on Top (which is correct). We don;t want to set OnTop property of newly opened form as True (as it may cause similar problem with another applications)

      Based on the observations (as well details gets form SR 3-7578267601), it seems like, AutoVue explicitly sets OnTop property True when perform any operation with AutoVue Menus.  

      Note: This issue occurs only if we click on ‘New Markup’ button (or any of the AutoVue Menu), and then try to open new window (2nd step mentioned in scenario).