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    Map Converter in FDM


      Hi Can any tell me me how Map converter will be useful with any examples



      Thanks in advance

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          Francisco Amores



          map converter is useful when you want to replace target application by a new one.

          It used triangulation to derive new mappings.

          It was initially created for migration process between Hyperion Enterprise and HFM. The tool is available from menu Tools > Map Converter (Workbench or Web Client)


          For example:

          - You have mappings for Location A: from your source -> Hyperion Enterprise application (HE)

          - You have mappings for Location B: from HE -> HFM

          - For new location C, with map converter, mappings from Source -> HFM are derived using triangulation.


          Basically map converted create new mappings from your Source to your new target application.


          You can find an example and additional information her http://www.finitsolutions.com/docs/Presentation-ConvertWithConfidence.pdf


          Hope that clarifies