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    SOA DVM special characters issue


      Hi all,


      I am currently using SOA Domain Value Maps to store values.

      The data stored in the DVM is an email template in HTML format.


      After deploying the composite to the server, I accessed SOA Composer to modify the DVM on run time. The following was realized:

      • Editing, saving and committing a row that contains HTML, will not be reflected on run time and produce the error below.
      • Editing, saving and committing a row that does not contain HTML, will result in the changes reflecting on run time.


      I made a small test and found the root of the problem, which is when I have the following text stored in the DVM:

                    <font face=\"Calibri\">

      Basically, the characters =" are the source of the error. Whenever I have the equal sign followed by a quote, the error below is produced in the soa log.


      Every time I attempt to modify the DVM on run time from the Composer, the error shown below produced.

      Even clearing the cell completely and replacing the value with any text without special characters will produce an error in the stack.


      I tried converting these characters to ASCII, but it did not resolve the issue. I also tried escape characters.


      Is there a certain encoding for the DVM to accept HTML?

      Are there any special characters that are not accepted in DVM?


      The following was retrieved from the stack trace.


      <?xml version = '1.0' encoding = 'UTF-8'?>

      <dvm name="DVM_actionType_cancelMsgBody" xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/dvm">

         <description>    groupCode to messageBody and subject mapping



            <column name="actionType"/>

            <column name="subject"/>

            <column name="messageBody"/>






               <cell>test \=\" aaa</cell>






      Expected ']' instead of ' aaa'.

      oracle.xml.xpath.XPathException: Expected ']' instead of ' aaa'.

              at oracle.xml.xpath.XPathPredicate.<init>(XPathPredicate.java:79)

              at oracle.xml.xpath.XPathStep.<init>(XPathStep.java:311)

              at oracle.xml.xpath.PathExpr.<init>(XSLNodeSetExpr.java:630)

              at oracle.xml.xpath.PathExpr.parse(XSLNodeSetExpr.java:669)

              at oracle.xml.xpath.IntersectExceptExpr.parse(XSLNodeSetExpr.java:407)

              at oracle.xml.xpath.XSLNodeSetExpr.parse(XSLNodeSetExpr.java:207)

              at oracle.xml.xpath.UnaryExpr.parse(XSLExpr.java:1808)

              at oracle.xml.xpath.AdditiveExpr.parseMultExpr(XSLExpr.java:1692)



      Thanks in advance,