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    private synonym


      Hi, I query dba_synonyms table, and find the same synonyms are owned by Public and another user UserA. So I guess UserA has a private synonym .


      But why when I login to SQL developer using UserA credentials, under the Synonyms tree, I can not see the private synonym, but I can only see in the public synonyms tree.


      Why is that? I suppose it will also show in the private synonym list, because it is a record in dba_synonym table and it is a private one.




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          Sounds like it should be there.


          Does your synonym show when logged in as UserA in 'select * from user_synonyms' ?


          If not, make sure you don't have a filter applied to the syn tree node.

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            Galo Balda

            I'm able to see private synonyms on versions and

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              Figured out  -- becausethe user  is a dba role, when I connect to oracle sql developer I use as sysdba. So then I guess when login it actually is user sys, so sys doesnt have that private synonyms. that is why it is not shown there.




              Also I tried to test this theroy in sqlplus, it is easy  to connect this  DBA role user for example it is called UserMyDBA,

              I use sqlplus userMyDBA@DBname, but how can I connect it as a sysdba,


              I tried SQLPlus userMyDBA as sysdba;

              it failed.