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    4.0.1 dbms_scheduler popup windows not appearing.

    Vin Steele

      I am running sql_developer version (64 bit) using Java version 1.7.0_51 against Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production.


      I have noticed a problem in this version of SQL Developer that I do not see in version 4.0.


      When using the Connections menu, when I right-click on the Scheduler icon (or any of its children except Credentials, which works). I see a number of options (New Job, New Job (Wizard), New Schedule etc). when I click on them nothing happens. In earlier versions of SQL Developer, a pop up window would appear, and I would be able to create a job, schedule, etc. This absence of popup windows also happens when I click on Jobs (and then New Job or New Job(Wizard)). When I right-click on a job, the Edit and Create Like windows do not appear. The Open function does work. I have not tested the other functions.


      The Jobs -> Open function does work.


      The Credentials functions do work.


      When I open SQL Developer to access the same jobs, these problems do not appear.