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    Siebel OPA Connector - Create IC self reference


      We have a requirement to transport a certain Siebel data structure via the Siebel OPA connector to the ODS.


      Within the Siebel data, a particular Integration component (i.e. entity in OPA), needs to have a relationship with itself. When exporting this model to OPA, this should create a many-to-many relationship from the entity in question to itself.


      The original (test) IC looks as follows:

      - Name: Contact_Account


      IC User Props:

      - OPAEntity: contact_account


      I then proceeded to create a copy of the IC with the following characteristics:

      - Name: Contact_Account_Copy

      - Parent Integration Component: Contact_Account


      Within the copy's IC user props I set up the following:

      - OPAParent: contact_account

      - OPARelationship: self reference


      I also incremented the external sequence number and the XML sequence number.


      Using the above setup I exported the model to OPA and it seems to give me exactly what I wanted, which is a many-to-many relationship between contact_account and itself.


      However, when testing this with Siebel data, things seem to mess up.


      I'm not a Siebel expert so I could use some guidance on this.


      My main question is: How do I set up the IO to properly deal with a self reference situation?


      Thanks in advance for any advice.