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    Storage to Storage replication


      I have two nodes RAC( environment with ASM and we are going to built another two node RAC( with ASM. We need to perform storage to storage replication in certain time interval and how to achieve this replication.

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          Atif Iqbal

          You will have to use third party software for storage replication.

          Why don't you setup a data guard which is good and free feature by oracle?


          Oracle has provided lot of good and free features. why to increase cost and make it complex by using other third party software.

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            Simo Kemppinen

            Data Guard is the best way to handle this kind of replication but it is only available for Enterprise Edition version.

            So if you are using SE version you can use this (check document from MOS (My Oracle Support)):

            But with this you cannot use standby database same time you are syncing it (if you stop syncing then standby can be used as reading or you can do failover to it).

            So if you need to use standby while syncing with SE you need third party software.