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    Java version detection fails--something in user profile?


      My org is still struggling with a Java problem with a key application we depend upon (KRONOS).


      We have pushed Java 1.7.0_40 out to a group of test boxes. When we point them to the Java test page for a version check... it fails. (All while the console runs beside it which cracks me up.) The version check page says Java isn't installed.


      What occurs in the KRONOS app is likewise, it doesn't see that Java is installed, so the app then directs the person to install the version identified as the default in the app, which is 1.6.0_38. Which we don't want to do as we are trying to move UP.


      At this time, going to the latest version isn't an option as we have two other key systems that won't function with it.


      When we take the same box, and log onto it as administrator... this problem does not occur. Something in the user profile is likely causing/effecting this. What could it be?