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    Reconnect issue


      You have changed the reconnecting mechanism. I have noticed that in 3.2 version, when the reconnect was not possible or connection was opened, the reconnect option was grayed out. Now the reconnect option is always available. However when you try to reconnect, but the network isn't available, you are not reconnected and you don't get any error message. Why?

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          The change in behavior for 4.x is intentional.  From my perspective the 3.2 behavior worked great, but apparently some users had issues with hangs/delays in the Connections navigator context menu due to verifying the actual connection status.  The decision was made to comment that out and just leave Reconnect enabled once the connection is made and not closed normally.


          Not sure if those users were impatient, or typically experience slow DB server response due to high workloads, or suffer from high network latency -- but that was the call.




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            Gary, this was not my point. My point is when I click reconnect, then it logically should reconnect you, right? If not, you should get some error message or something.

            Try this. Open some connection, outplug your network cable and click reconnect. Nothing happens, no info, nothing. Do you think, this is correct? You should get an error message that the reconnect is not possible.