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    warning opening application that jnlp file is not signed



      i have an application running on the glassfish 4 server.

      I open the application using the by glassfish automaticly generated jnlp file.

      Deploying the app over Netbeans, glassfish sign all files with the certificate i set on glassfish settings.

      Opening the application with java webstart i get the certificate information and i can see that it is the wright certificate, but i get still a warning that  the application code was signed but not the jnlp file.

      I try some propositions i find on the net.. for example: i add to my project under configuration files the following folder: JNLP-INF and i put the jnlp file inside.

      Have someone an idea how i can sign the jnlp file to?


      Thanks and regards