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    Intercompany matching approach / strategy


      Hi experts,


      Seeking some advice assistance on strategy / approach on HFM intercompany matching process:


      Phase approach to the implementation of the ICP process:

      • My client wants to implement ICP on a phase approach basis. They do not want to involve it's internal departments to do intercompany matching (ie not turn on the Intercompany module) in the first couple of months after implemention. However, they still want to know the mismatches during this time, and get the departments to clear them manually. This means that they will need reporting from HFM to facilitate this. Is there a process or reporting within HFM (ie outside of ICP) that can provide this information?  
      • Once they have 'cleared' the mismatches, the residual mismatches will need to be eliminated.  Is there a process within HFM that can facilitate this (ie again outside of the intercompany module)? Or will rules need to be written for this?
      • Kindly note that we are using "N" for IsConsolidated in the App settings section.


      Implication not turning ICP on for history:

      • All intercompany accounts are IsICP enabled, and have Plug accounts assigned to it. Unfortunately for history, the client has used their own elimination process (which is not clean!), and therefore, amounts are showing up in the Plug accounts.  However, removing the Plug accounts from the intercompany accounts allows consolidation to occur to the ultimate parent, and reconciles to history (which is what the client wants).
      • Will there be implications to the historical data / results when I assign the Plug accounts back to the intercompany accounts when we go live? By this time, all history will be in the HFM, consolidated and period locked.


      Your advice will be much appreciated.