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    Endeca : multi invoice pay throwing correct error for internal user but it is failing to throw the same error for external user




      1) Internal User expected exception:


      Exception: Payments,apply credits,disputes and print are not supported when multiple customer/currency transactions are selected


      2) External User is throwing below error instead of throwing above exception.


        You are trying to access a page that is no longer active.
        The referring page may have come from a previous session. Please select Home
         to proceed.

      found this MACCHECK from fnd logs of external user payment.

      MACCHECK: . Parameter failing validation is :mode. The parameter mode with value MultiPay could not be recognized as part of Server's response on the previous request.  Incoming URL is : /OA_HTML/OA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/ar/irec/endeca/webui/EndecaDummyPG . Current URL is : /OA_HTML/OA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/ar/irec/endeca/webui/OIREndecaCustHomePG&akRegionApplicationId=222&_ti=1125493452&oapc=10&retainAM=Y&addBreadCrumb=N&oas=6-LL4ndIUFLX-2zjQAQD6A.. . Referer URL is : https://<hostname>:4443/endeca/web/ar/customer?doAsUserLanguageId=en_US&languageId=en_US . HTTP Request Method is : POST


      can someone please help.