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    Maximum input payload size(for an XML file) supported by OSB


      Hey Everyone,


      I wanted to know, what is the maximum payload size that OSB can handle.

      The requirement is to pass XML files as input to OSB and insert the data of the XML files in the oracle staging tables. The OSB will host all the .jca,wsdl, xml, xml schema and other files required to perform the operation.

      The hurdle is to understand, what is the maximum XML file size limit, that OSB can allow to pass through without breaking.


      I did some test runs and got the following output,

      • Size of the XML file:  OSB successfully read a file of size, 3176kb but failed for a file of size 3922kb, so the OSB breakpoint occurs somewhere between 3-4 MB, as per the test runs.
      • Range of number of Lines of XML:  102995 to 126787, since OSB was able to consume a file with lines (102995) and size 3176kb but broke for a file with number of lines (126787) and size 3922kb.


      Request to please share your views on the test runs regarding the OSB breakpoint and also kindly share the results, if the same test has been performed at your end.

      Thank you very much.