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    What is difference between BI administration physical Layer, Essbase and OWB?


      I am new in Oracle BI. I know that you can design star schema and cubes in BI Administration tool. Also you can define star schema and cubes in Essbase and connect BI Administration to Essbase server. Also you can define Data Warehouse in Oracle Warehouse Builder.


      Can anybody explain me what is difference between these 3 tools?



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          Vasavya Chowdary

          I won't go in much detail ,


          Transactional systems are not designed for analytic and optimised for updates  and adapted for fast aggregation and concurrent querying of large number of records

          Data are normalised: complex to query for analytics

          But Using OWB or ODI data will be pulled to Essbase for dimension build (metadata) like customer update or any new product or any new are of market where company want to make there new sale thats where Essbase comes as helping hand to analyze , to convert , to  eliminate , or consolidate depends on request will be pulled to obiee for reporting ..A physical table is an object in the Physical layer of the Oracle BI repository that corresponds to a table in a data source. Metadata for physical tables is usually imported from the data source. This metadata enables the Oracle BI Server to access the data source


          So in general  sales , production cost , delivery cost mostly recorded in ERP-> then for analysis(Hyperion)>Obiee for reporting ...


          i hope this give an idea ..