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    How to check user POV Period and Year in mapping script?




      I like to use Period and Year information in mapping scripts.


      e.g.: If I am loading data to March, I like to use Custom 3 Q1 dimension. So I like to check my active period from user POV in my C3 mapping automatically like in Import Script, something like this:


      Select case Month(dblPerKey)

      Case 1 to 3

           Result = Q1


      Case 4 to 6

           Result = Q2



      Test results with dblPerKey:

      It seems that if I use Import Script, then dblPerKey contains value, but when using map script, then dblPerKey is empty. At least when I tested this, script returns 1899 from "result=Year(dblPerKey)"  script.



      In Import script: Year(dblPerKey) returns year accordingly from user POV selection

      In mapping script: Year(dblPerKey) returns always 1899


      Question: Is there a way to check user POV in mapping scripts?


      Many thanks for your answers