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    Purchase requsition line Cancelation


      Dear All,


      I have Purchase requisiton in which I need to Close this Purchsae Requisition temporary.

      we are using the auto create option to make the Purchase Order from the Purchase Requisition.


      For the Purchsae Requisition we made the Purchsae Order with following cases.


      1) for Some Purchase requistion we made the Purchase Order Fully (  Purchase Order Quantity is equal to Purchase requisition)

      2) for Some Purchase requistion we made the Partial Purchase Order  (Purchase Order Quantity is less than the Purchase requsition Quantity)

      3) For Some Purchase requistion we did not require the Purchase Order ( No Purchase Order for the Purchase Requisiton)


      Sor the Case 2 we have to close it ( Temporary). If I try to cancel the Lines for my 2nd case it is giving the message.


      You cannot Cancel this Requisition, which has existing open Purchase Order shipments.


      Please Advice.


      Thanks and Regards,

      Mohd Afsar