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    Tuxedo pq tmadmin command show 0 "# Queued " when LDBL set to N


      When I run tmadmin pq command on a busy system it always show 0 under "# Queued " for all the queues when LDBL is set to N.

      if LDBL is set to Y pq reports many queues with pending requests.

      I know that with LDBL Y pq will show higher numbers then reported via IPCS (with a special environment flag its can be more close to IPCS).

      But its can't be that there are 0 pending requests on all queues during peak times on the system.

      Is is a known issue? is there a patch for it?


      Tuxedo version: BEA Tuxedo, Version 9.1, 32-bit, Patch Level 134

      Running on HPUX B.11.23 machine.


      > Prog Name      Queue Name  # Serve Wk Queued  # Queued  Ave. Len    Machine

      ---------      ------------------- ---------  --------  --------    -------

      rmsUInvoice    rmsUInvoic+       1         -         0         -   xxxx

      JSL            00001.00001       1         -         0         -   xxxx

      csmUBan        csmUBan_a_+      20         -         0         -   xxxx

      WSL            00001.00766       1         -         0         -   xxxx

      csmUSwap       csmUSwap_a+       4         -         0         -   xxxx

      csmUHierBill   csmUHierBi+       4         -         0         -   xxxx




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          Bob Finan-Oracle

          Hello Eran,

          If LDBAL is N, or MODEL is MP, then the "# Queued" is not returned (i.e. 0).

          In the tmadmin printqueue (alias pq) output the "# Queued" is the same as the MIB value from TA_TOTNQUEUED.

          Here is the Tuxedo 9.1 document on TA_TOTNQUEUED:


          Section 5 - File Formats, Data Descriptions, MIBs, and System Processes Reference

          TA_TOTNQUEUED: 0 <= num

          The sum of the queue lengths of this queue while it has been active. This sum includes requests enqueued to and processed by servers that are no longer active on the queue. Each time a new request is assigned to the queue, the sum is incremented by the length of the queue immediately before the new request is enqueued.

          Limitation: If the T_DOMAIN:TA_LDBAL attribute is "N" or the T_DOMAIN:TA_MODEL attribute is "MP", TA_TOTNQUEUED is not returned.

          In the same configuration, updates to this attribute are ignored. Consequently, when this attribute is returned TA_LMID and TA_SOURCE have the same value



          Bob Finan