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    Import Application behaviour in ORDS 2.0.6




      We have just deployed ORDS 2.0.6 - at present in Standalone mode, on Redhat Linux.

      Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

      Application Express


      It all seems to work pretty well except for some odd behaviour when importing an APEX Application.


      1) The standard animated gif that normally appears when importing an application appears (and is animated) briefly and then shows as a broken link

      2) When trying to import using an existing Application ID, the following occurs:

      - On the install database Application wizard, get to the third step "Install", choose the parsing schema, the Build status of "Run and Build Application" and "Reuse Application ID..." option

      - Click Install Application button

      - Get the Confirm Replace Application page

      - Click "Replace Existing Application..." button

      - Page returns to third step "Install" again

      - and so on.


      We are currently running ORDS 2.0.6 in parallel with OHS connecting to the same database. Carrying out the operation above using the same application through OHS works fine.

      I have tried Chrome and IE 11 and both browsers do the same thing.


      Has anyone else experienced this behaviour?




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          Hi All,


          An update on this.

          The problem with the import returning to the "Install" page has gone away.  It was to do with a rewrite rule that we had added in our Apache front-end.

          The animated gif not appearing correctly is still an issue however.


          If I navigate to the url directly then it renders correctly: