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    The documentation should indicate that dbdoc relies on ActiveX controls

    Vin Steele

      The SQL Developer documentation should indicate that the generated HTML documentation relies on ActiveX controls and therefore must be view in Internet Explorer to work properly. Alternatively, It should not rely on browser specific functionality.



      I generate HTML documentation for a particular schema for multiple object types, put it in a particular directory, and indicate that I want to open the documentation when it is complete. My default browser is Chrome. The process runs successfully, then opens the HTML index page in Chrome. It correctly displays the first Table, and has sections that display all the object types (upper left corner) and all the tables (lower left corner). I click on a different table, and it is displayed. I click on a different object type, and nothing happens.


      I open the same page in IE (version 8). I click on a different object type and my browser asks me if I want to allow the use of ActiveX controls on this page. I answer Yes, and now the page works as I expect, shifting from object type to object type, and object to object.