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    WSM00101 error: The specified keystore file /domains/wlsaas/config/fmwconfig/default-keystore.jks cannot be found

    philip kang

      In JCS 13.2, same endpoint testing get this error starting last week


      oracle.wsm.common.sdk.WSMException: WSM-00101 : The specified keystore file /domains/wlsaas/config/fmwconfig/default-keystore.jks cannot be found; it either does not exist or its path is not included in the application classpath.


      Same app deployed to local Weblogic, against same endpoint, works fine.


      Ran another testing in JCS 13.1 use the same endpoint and username & password for web service call,


      got this error


      InvalidSecurityToken : The security token is not valid.


      Any thoughts?