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    OPA Questions for .NET Client

    FC 11131

      Dear OPA and .Net developers,


      Our project is implementing OPA for a .NET application.  For the integration, our .NET developer has designed an OPA Adapter "to isolate changes in rulebase interfaces and structures, so rule providers can be easily mocked and tested". (I am not a .NET developer so pardon my very high-level understanding)


      My questions are around getting outcomes from OPA Determinations Server if for a .NET client:


      1)  Missing Data - How can we request for additional data required by OPA when OPA comes back with unknown outcomes?  There is an outcome style of "base-attributes" in Request XML, however I have not seen an example of this for .NET in the developer's guide.  Can "base attributes" style be used in the assess request in .NET?  Is the syntax simply "OutcomeStyleEnum.baseattributes"?


      2)  Can the response from OPA of what the missing base attributes are contain the data type also of these attributes?  It will drive how the question should be asked to the user on an input form (e.g. radio button if Boolean, text box if Currency)


      3)  If the missing base attribute is of data type Text, how can we indicate what the valid drop-down choices should be?



      Appreciate your help.