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    Suggestions required for few customizations on OSM processes...




      We have certain requirements for OSM SOM processes, which we could not find as out of box features in OSM..So we need suggestions on the path of customization by which we can achieve the following:


      1. To migrate inflight orders to a new version of the cartridge..where the migrated orders will be executed from the process position in earlier version of cartridge instead of the first task of the current process of current cartridge. Assumption, the process will contain the same old tasks in order of sequence and number .



      2. For a particular order instance, how one can change the task completion time  during order execution? Currently for an order/process, the task expected completion time is defined during design time thru design studio. Can we use any custom pluging to change the completion time at runtime? We found com.mslv.oms.security.TaskSummaryInfo class has a method setExpectedTaskCompletionDate() method. How we can use this?


      3. OSM webclient shows the tasks which are completed and received/accepted in process view. Is there any customization possible by which one can view/report the complete process having all the tasks (completed, received, accepted and the rest which are yet to be received)? The view/report should show the expected completion date (for all tasks based on its predecessors completion date for the not received tasks) and actual completion date(for the completed tasks) for all the tasks in a process.

      4. Is it possible to import BPMN 2.0 XML files for process definition?

      Waiting for your suggestions..

      Thanks in advance....

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          Hi, my two cents:


          1. This does not seem to be supported, but why would you want to do this?

          If you simply want your changes to affect pending order, make those changes in the current cartridge, in most cases this is possible.

          In the same cartridge, you can for example define a new version of the process and then move your orders by a process exception to a position in the new process.


          2. Depends on what exactly you want to achieve.

          AFAIK, the task expected completion is used for two things: jeopardy and perhaps worklist sorting.

          For jeopardy, you can write custom logic in your rule.

          For sorting, you could populate a flex header at task start e.g. by a task event and use that for sorting / display.


          3. Do you want to see all tasks yet to be processed each with its expected completion cumulative?

          I think this is difficult to achieve since typically process definition contains alternative paths to take you from any given point to completion.

          And you don't know with what exit status each task will complete.

          At any rate, this would be a 100 percent custom report, the DB is all yours, good luck.


          4. There certainly is a way, if you write custom logic to convert those files to the design studio format. Just a matter of coding.