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    Keep data at Savepoints and purge the rest


      hi everyone!


      I somehow believe either CompressWorkspace[Tree] or PurgeTable do what we want, but somehow I fail to see exactly how...

      Here's our situation: the application admin of our customer can create savepoints. He does so at so called "data freezes" which happen a few times a year (3-4).

      The database is versioned using WO_OVERWRITE to keep a full edit trail. However, for pretty old data we would now like to just keep the data at the savepoints and remove anything in between. Only for the more recent savepoints we want to still keep the full history. Is there any way to accomplish that?

      To clarify things, with some Text-Art this would look like that for 5 Savepoints SP1..SP5:




      where --- means "no history data here" and "hhh" means "history data here".


      My first guess was the CompressWorkspace-Procedure, but if I give two savepoints the first one is deleted. What we want to do is to give two savepoints, have removed all history data in between and keeping both of the savepoints. In the example above we'd like to compress between SP1 and SP2 as well as between SP2 and SP3.

      Remark: the database will soon be migrated to 11gR2, so any features of OWM up to that version can be used for a solution.


      Any help is appreciated!


      Kind regards,