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    how to mount Sun Storagetek 6180 snapshot in solaris10

    jignesh gamdha



      I have sun storage 6180 with snapshot license. I have created the snapshot of volume and then mapped it with hosts.

      I am able to see this lun on os but when i tried to mount it on OS, its not mounting and given below error.


      Please find below the required logs:


      >>iostat -en Output:

      0   0   0   0 c4t60080E500018D2F200000DED5334B541d0

      0   0   0   0 c4t60080E500018D2F200000DE85334B50Bd0


      >>iostat -En output:

      c4t60080E500018D2F200000DED5334B541d0 Soft Errors: 0 Hard Errors: 0 Transport Errors: 0

      Vendor: SUN      Product: SUN_6180         Revision: 0777 Serial No:

      Size: 2.15GB <2147483648 bytes>



      root@vepldcqm # mount -F ufs /dev/dsk/c4t60080E500018D2F200000DED5334B541d0s0 /test
      mount: /dev/dsk/c4t60080E500018D2F200000DED5334B541d0s0 is not this fstype
      root@vepldcqm # mount  /dev/dsk/c4t60080E500018D2F200000DED5334B541d0s0 /test
      mount: /dev/dsk/c4t60080E500018D2F200000DED5334B541d0s0 is not this fstype



      Jignesh Gamdha