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    Choice List Prompt - default values hitting cache


      Hi all,


      I have a choice list dashboard prompt that I have put on my dashboard. For the selections (the values that appear in the choice list) I am using the results of an SQL statement. Every time the dashboard page is opened, the SQL is fired and the results fetched, however the results are cached in the presentation cache. The choices are dynamic in the database (change regularly) and I don't want them to be cached as users will start to see outdated choices. Is there any way to disable the presentation cache hit for a dashboard prompt?


      Thanks in advance!



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          asim cholas

          Try this


          Method 1


          If you have any prompts on this page, want live data to be pull in prompts, for that while creation of prompt go to show, choose SQL Results from drop down, in edit box prefix 'set variable DISABLE_CACHE_HIT=1' followed by what ever the query required.


          Method 2


          Using the Java code below OBIEE BI Server cache can be cleared from Dashboard

          1.Insert a Text box into a dashboard  “Contains HTML” must be ticked
          2. Paste below code into Text Box

          ”<iframe width=Opx height=Opx src=" +
            document.location.href.match(/^[^?]+/) +
          “?IssueRawSQL” +
          document.location.href.match(/&_scid=[^&]+/) +


          This will remove whole cache from dashboard

          Source : OBIEE Tips and Tricks

          Method 3

          It it doesnt work check this blog



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