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    OPA integration with Oracle Knowledge feasability


      Hi Experts


      We have a scenario where OPA interviews will need to be invoked from CRM / PPLSFT, and at the end of the interview knowledge articles may need to be retrieved from Knowledge Base ( Oracle Knowledge) and passed to invoking system.

      Please let me know if OPA can integrate with Oracle Knowledge and how can this be achieved for above scenario.


      Awaiting your response.




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          How do you identify which resources to retrieve from the KB? Is it something defined in the rules?


          If you only need to display the data - then you can add links to Web Determination screens pointing to the reference in KB.


          If you need to store this in CRM - then i'm assuming you've an integration built in to persist the determined information from OPA back to CRM - you can add a trigger or a check at the end of your save to CRM process to check for the determined references and pull the information from KB and store in CRM.