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    Unprocessed Elements in Payroll




      May anyone please provide me with a query to view unprocessed element in element entry window for a specific payroll run period ?

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          I wrote it....



          SELECT :employee_number employee_number,

                 (SELECT full_name

                    FROM per_all_people_f

                   WHERE employee_number = :employee_number

                     AND SYSDATE BETWEEN effective_start_date AND effective_end_date)


                 b.element_name, process_in_run_flag, c.effective_start_date

            FROM pay_element_entries_f a,

                 paybv_element_type b,

                 pay_element_entry_values_f c

          WHERE 1 = 1

             AND a.assignment_id =

                          (SELECT DISTINCT assignment_id

                                      FROM per_all_assignments_f

                                     WHERE person_id =

                                              (SELECT DISTINCT person_id

                                                          FROM per_people_f

                                                         WHERE employee_number =


             AND a.element_type_id = b.element_type_id

             AND c.element_entry_id = a.element_entry_id

             AND c.screen_entry_value IS NOT NULL

             AND process_in_run_flag = 'No'

             AND TO_CHAR (c.effective_start_date, 'MON-YYYY') = :p_period   --'FEB-2014'


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            Vigneswar Battu

            There is a view for it -