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    Bug: Tabular Forms Validation on All Rows

    Martin Giffy D'Souza

      I think there's a bug with how APEX handles validations against all rows. To simulate this to the following:


      • Create a tabular form agains the EMP table
        • Note: Just for completeness, I used the PK instead of the ROWID
      • Add a new Tabular Form validation against Tabular Form > ENAME > Not Null
        • Modify this validation and change Execution Scope: All Submitted Rows
      • Run the page
        • Click the Add Row button twice (i.e. add two blank rows)
        • Remove the ENAME from one of the rows of existing data
        • Submit the page
          • At this point only the row that contained data from the EMP table will display an error.
      • Not changing anything, click the Submit button again
        • This time the two newly added rows will be highlighted as having errors as they're missing an ENAME


      The bug/issues is that the two submits should have produced the same error messages but they don't. It's only after being previously submitted will new rows be validated.


      I created a sample of this here: https://apex.oracle.com/pls/apex/f?p=817:1010  (Note that I disabled the MRU and MRD processes so data changes won't be saved)

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          Denes Kubicek



          This seems to be a really small bug. If I repeat the steps I don't get the validation if the new added rows are empty. If I start entering some data there and leave the ENAME empty, the validation wiill fire. In the case you described only the existing rows will be validated on the first submit and the new added rows will stay empty. So, nothing actually happens and APEX will not try to save the empty rows. I think this "bug" needs to be fixed only for completeness sake.


          Denes Kubicek