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    How to maintain assignment rates (PERWSASR) even though "PO: Enabled Services Procurement" is set to Y


      Hi, we are going live with R12 and discovered that when setting the profile option, "PO: Enabled Services Procurement" to Yes, we can no longer enter or maintain assignment rates from the HR side, in the PERWSASR form. How can we continue to manage the contingent labor workforce and rates from HR even when this profile option is turned on? The procurement team is not responsible for managing this workforce.

      There is a note in the form:
      -- Bug 3355175
        -- User should not be able to enter the Assignment Rates when the
        -- profile option "PO: Enabled Services Procurement" is set to Yes


      Is there any way to get around this so that we can continue using PERWSASR to maintain rates?