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    How to prevent other host to bind the same guest domain at the same time?


      Have a  question about Ldom in the following:


      We have two hosts, one is A,and other one is B.

      There is a share storage assign to both A and B, and A and B can touch the same luns.


      We did first, create a guest domain C in host A with the share storage lun.

      After that, we did export the guest domain C xml file from A, and restore it into host  B.


      We then stop C, and unbind C on host A, and bind C and start C on host B.




      On Host A,

      ldm stop C

      ldm unbind C


      On Host B,

      ldm bind C

      ldm start C


      We can success start guest domain C on host C.


      However, if we try to execute ldm bind C and ldm start C on host A same time after we start it on host B, Guest domain C is able to bind and start on A.


      So, we would like to ask that any method to prevent host A to bind and start Guest domain C while it already bond and started on the other host?




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          LDoms Manager (any version) cannot detect the same domain being 'bound' or 'started' to a different physical machine. The preferred way to do what you are attempting to accomplish is with LDOM migration (ldm migrate). To use LDOM migration the domain is created ONLY on host A. Both host A and host B must have the same vds servers, vdsdevs (for the LDOM), and the same virtual switches (going to the same networks) defined. Once the backend work is done and the LDOM is created, you can then "ldm migrate <LDOM> <Alternate Host>". This method will not have the same domain running on multiple hosts (A or B) at the same time because the LDOM is only defined on a single host.