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    4.0.1 Regular Expression replace with capturing groups - regression?


      In version 3.2 it was possible to reference a captured group in the replace string, using \1, \2 etc. It doesn't seem to work anymore in 4.0.1, which is pretty annoying, because I use it often.


      Suppose I have the following text:


      a bcd efgh ik


      I want to prefix every letter with 'a-'. I search for:




      and replace it with:




      In 3.2 I get what I would expect:


      a-a a-ba-ca-d a-ea-fa-ga-h a-ia-k 


      But 4.0.1 doesn't seem to understand the reference:


      a-\1 a-\1a-\1a-\1 a-\1a-\1a-\1a-\1 a-\1k


      I tried $1 and \\1, also tried turning "Substitute escaped characters" on and off, with no result.

      Furthermore, it ignores the last letter, 'k'.


      I'm not sure, but I think it worked fine in 4.0.0. I couldn't find any information on regexp replace syntax in the help, either - maybe I'm just doing something wrong?