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    Subscribing to a Business Event


      Apologies for cross posting, I've asked this here too.  I found this sub forum afterwards


      I am trying to prototype an EBS to EBS (separate instances) integration which subscribes to the poxmlgen event for a specific vendor in one system, gets the relevant PO details and passes it to the Sales Order Open Interface in the other system.  I'm having some issues and have a couple of questions.


      Do I *have* to configure the vendor as a trading partner in XML Gateway?  That is to say, if I specify the Business Event subscription in my SOA Composite, do I still need to configure the trading partner?  If so, how is it best to set this up?  I have been through all the examples I can find on the internet but it is not working fully.  I can see the event is being triggered but the data is stopping in the WF_DEFERRED table and not being written to the WF_BPELQ_TAB table.


      Looking at it from a different angle, I would like to trigger the integration on PO Approval.  Is the poxmlgen event the best to use? Or what would be the best approach to take here?


      Any help greatly appreciated as the internet, so far, hasn't given me what I need and we have no one here with the relevant experience.