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    How to install HCM 9.2 demo database for non oracle platform


      i am new  to peoplesoft. We are planning for an upgrade to hcm 9.2 and peopletools 8.53. We are currently on 9.0 and peopletools 8.51 and SQL platform.


      i understand we have to creat a demo the old fashion way for SQL. I cannot find any required at upgrade and required at install fixes. Can someone please go over the process really quickly in brief and where I can find them. The upgrade home page does not talk anything about non oracle based platforms.


      We are preparing to install tools. What will be the next step after installing tools?


      I  have signed up with oracle university for training but that is not taking place for another 4 weeks.



      Confused Oracle user,

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          Hi , you don't need to be confused as installing Oracle PeopleSoft is not hard as many would think. Most of the steps are clearly documented and with proper resources can be learnt very easily.

          Here is an overview of steps that you would need to follow


          Install Tools

          Install Application CD

          Create Database

          Edit and Run Database Scripts e.g utlspace, hcddl, psroles,psadmin, connect.. etc.

          Copy Projects (PPLTLS84CUR, ..) , Run AE programs, Execute dms scripts etc.

          Pretty much follow the database creation steps from Install guide for your database platform. Here is the link for SQL server installation guide


          Install Tuxedo, WebLogic

          Create App Server, Web Server, Process Scheduler


          Once your envrionment is ready, you need to plan for your upgrade.

          Required at upgrade and Required at install fixes are available inside the PUM images now, so you need to deploy PeopleSoft Virtual Images too.


          Upgrade Tasks:

          Review your upgrade path, check hardware/software support, download upgrade templates for your upgrade path,

          Follow Upgrade Guide for detailed step by step process for initial pass.


          here is a brief overview of installation process - PeopleTools 8.53: Steps For Installing PeopleSoft HCM 9.2 on Windows 7