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    Stacked Bar Chart not display months and weeks in sequence




      I am trying to create a stacked bar chart with 5 data
      objects.  Each data object represents a calculated value that is derived
      from the same row in the data object.  I need to show the chart in months,
      and then drill to weeks. I am using a target report for the
      drilling.   I am having an issue with the way the months and the
      weeks are being displayed. With only one data objects, the displays are fine.


      I am using BAM 11g.


      I am using a date field for the “Group by” with “Continuous
      Time Series” and “Use Time Series”  for the Time Groups.  The Time
      Unit = month and the quantity = 1


      This is the way the months get displayed:  2014, April, 2014,Februrary, 2014, March (they are displaying alphabetically


      Does anyone know of a way to make the display of the months
      and weeks be in sequence?  I have to use more than one data object because
      the various calculated values are all in one row for the record.