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    FlexSync Configuration for Agile plm for process


      Below are the two queries we have got:

      1. Create a new report on the environment:


      We have followed the below procedure to create a new flexsync Report:


      1. Open the FlexSync Config on the Application Server.
      2. Copy a Existing out of box report "SingleFormulaPER".
      3. Edit the New copied report in step 2 and provided a name and browsed for the template file that needed to be added.
      4. Committed the change.


      On Committing the changes we observed that the Database Entry is made in the FlexReports and FlexReportFields Table for the new report we created.

      After doing this We made an entry in to the SiteMap-Extensions.xml for the menu Item. We are not able to see the Name of new created report in the UI on the Formulation specification. It shows "No Translation Found for lblbatchsheet".How do we generate a PKID for entry into the CommonXLAExtensionCacheItem table and add teh translation item for this new report?


      What are the steps that needs to be followed to get this Entry available for the User to be able to generate the reports?


      2.Adding a field to the report:


      We have modified an existing template to add a new column Effective Date from Summary Tab. We have used the Name as "Summary.Effective" on the Name manager in the excel template for this new attribute.

      After updating the template, We open the FlexsyncConfig to edit the report, browse for the updated template and then commit the changes.

      After we make this change to template, When we run the report from the formulation spec we are able to see this column added to the report but the value is not getting pulled to the report.

      We found that there is no entry in the FlexReportFields for this new attribute changes made. When we Export the SQL for this report from the FlexSyncConfig for running the script against database also we are unable to find this entry in the script.


      these are the fields we need to add to the exiating report:





      Density (2 values, 2 UOM)

      Material (referenced Formula output)


      Design Attributes

      Effective (date)




      Allergens (known to contain)

      Material (referenced Formula output)


      Allergens / Known to contain


      What are the steps that needs to be followed modify a existing template to add/remove fields?


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