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    UPK Library Structure - Shared Environment


      I am looking to restructure our UPK library and am looking for suggestions. We work in a shared UPK environment and would like to hear how other's have their library organized; is it structured by application, department, business unit, etc. ...

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          One of the ways in which you can go about it is by having a multilevel folder structure with the actual topic (recording) lying in the last level folder.


          The topic can then be linked to sections (lying in folders above) and the section can then be connected to submodules. Finally all topics/sections/submodules should connect to a parent module which will be present in the parent level folder.


          In case you wish to publish your content, publishing the parent level module should take care of publishing all your content.


          One of the ways of having a multi level folder structure could be


          BU->Project/Group name->Track->Function->Sub Function-> (contains the actual recorded topic)