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    Oracle EBS - FDMEE


      Hi All,


      We are currently looking at upgrading to FDMEE.  We have Oracle EBS as one of our data sources into HFM.


      When I look at my current import query of EBS, I pull from the tables listed below.  I have indicated 'not included' for those tables that are not listed in the FDMEE Admin guide as source system tables available from EBS.




      hr_operating_units (not included)


      GL_JE_LINES (not included)

      GL_JE_HEADERS (not included)


      The last two tables are where my fixed asset continuities (additions, disposals, etc.) are stored and are therefore required in my HFM load.  I am not aware of any other place in EBS where you can get this category code for Fixed Assets.  Assuming this is the case, does the fact that the tables are missing from the list mean I wouldn't be able to use the out-of-the-box EBS adapter in FDMEE?  My alternative would be to do a regular sql query in my BefImportScript and load the data into the Custom Open Interface Table to be pulled in like any other relational source?


      If so, how could anyone use the EBS Adapter without taking fixed asset movements into consideration?  Perhaps I am missing something.


      Much Appreciated,


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          Francisco Amores


          Currently, the out-of-the-box scenario to extract balances from EBS does not use those tables. It extracts balances from GL_BALANCES for existing code combinations.


          if you want to re-use your FDM solution you can either build the event script or use ODI to load data EBS to Open Interface Table.


          I guess you are currently using an integration script so it may be easier to build the Event script in FDMEE.


          You may want to raise a SR to get more details about balances extract from EBS.



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            thx very much.  Are those tables there for a future release?


            And to be clear, I could use an existing vbscript custom script (in and put that into an event script in FDMEE to query EBS and write the data to the AIF_OPEN_INTERFACE table?  Or am I forced to use Jython?  Or does Jython only come into play when I actually do the import from the AIF_OPEN_INTERFACE table?






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              Francisco Amores

              In event scripts you can use either VB or Jython. Vb API has slightly changed In FDMEE so you cannot just paste the script and make it working.

              you have some examples in the admin guide.


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