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    Google Maps Integration


      Hi all,


      In P6 EPPM, how to integrate google maps app? Google maps list out the projects in which location.


      I need Idea...



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          I did this once a long time ago (2009) so I suspect the Google API for map is much better now.


          Here is how I did it back then.


          I had an html page that I configured in EPPM.


          This page had all the JavaScript in it to render the Google map (you needed an API key in 2009).


          In the page initialize function, I make a call to a URL that returns an XML data payload response (using the P6 Web Services) with all the projects that I wanted to show on the map.

          I then parse the XML response document into an array of GLatLng with GMarker for each project.

          Once I had my GLatLng array, I set the map bounds base on the values in the GLatLng array, call map.setCenter on the bounds center and then rendered the map into a targeted DIV with the html page.