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    Retropay not working




      I'm on 12.1.3. I'm trying to simulate a Retropay By Element process. I've created a payroll and back-dated it to 01-Jan-2014. I then created a recurring element effective 01-Jan-2014. I also created an employee and an assignment effective 01-Jan-2014.



      I attached the element to the employee effective 01-Jan-2014, then I've run payroll for Jan, Feb, March. After that, I've changed the Value for the element (increased by an amount of 2000), date tracked to 01-Jan-2014 -  I assume this is the retroactive change. I then ran the Retro Pay by Element (start 31-Jan-2014, end date 31-Mar-2014), using the right element and assignment sets.



      At this point, I expect to see the elements in the  Retro-Notifications Report (Enhanced) report, and also in the Element Entries for the employee. However, this is not the case. Neither are the retroactive entries appearing when I run the April Payroll. What could I be missing?