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    iProcurement internal item number not available for some receiving actions


      Hi Oracle Community-


      On the iProcurement Receiving tab when you are using the actions: Return Items, Correct Receipts, or View Receipts you cannot see or add the Item Number (your internal part number) to the screens.  It is available and rendered on the Receive Items (ReceiveMyItemsVO) screen but not on all the other receiving action screens.  This makes iProcurement receiving so frustrating to our users as most items ordered have an internal stock code that they need to see when adjusting or researching receipts.


      I've looked for the Item Number as an available personalization.  I've looked for it on the Object View tables that make up each of the receiving screens where it is missing.  I cannot find it.


      This is so frustrating because I can't believe that something so fundamental as a company's internal item number would be missing on these iPro receiving screens.

      Can someone talk me off the ledge here?  Is there some other way to get this info on the screen?

      Thanks! ~Donna