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    Editionable Clause


      I am using SqlDeveloper 4.0.1 against a 12c database.


      If I export a package, the create statement is:




      I use SVN, so I save packages with .pks and .pkb extensions. Problem is:


      If I try to compile an .pks or .pkb file against a schema on my database, even if there are visible compilation errors, I receive NO compilation error message, like if evething was fine, but if I check the package on the database, it is INVALID. This could be deceiving to our developers. When I remove the "EDITIONABLE" clause, the errors are displayed (expected behaviour in my case).


      Is it a BUG or am I misunderstanding the situation? When using a 11.2 database, the EDITIONABLE clause is not generated by default. Is there a way to avoid it when exporting packages from a 12c database using SQL Developer? O what other solution could be applied?


      Thanks in advance.