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    Mapviewer V2 API, MOUSE_CLICK event doesn't fire when we touch on IPAD to register a click


      We are developing a mapping application to be used on mobile devices/ IPAD using jquery.mobile-1.4.2/ oraclemapsv2 API/ jquery-1.9.1/ HTML5.



      The following piece of code adds a listener to the map object and listens to the mouse click event. This works perfectly fine on desktop browser ( chrome/ Safari/ Mozilla), but does not fire, when we touch on the map(click on dekstop browser)  from a mobile device like iphone/android S Note 3 or the IPAD :-



      mapview.addListener(OM.event.MouseEvent.MOUSE_CLICK, function TEST {....} );



      we tried binding touchstart and vclick events to the bounding divs and still the click doesnot fire. We have not debugged this on the mobile browser yet, but would like to know how mapviewer V2 API handles touch events on mobile browsers and if this is a bug, is there a work around for this.